Friday, July 16, 2010

What a better way to make up for my absence than with some salivary gland provoking comestibles. My raw food journey has been revived and resurged, galvanized and kindling as ever! A few weeks ago I even had the luxury of gorging on some gourmets at Rockin' Raw in Brooklyn. (really, that's the only way you'll ever get me back on the G train *shakes fist*) OH, the embodiment of the firmament. My envisioned Shangri-la. I had the best burger ever ever ever and still it resonates through out me, wishing I could transmute my very flesh into their deity of food. it was the physical manifestation of an orgasm, within my hands I held the amalgamation of love and lust. The whole meal was a zesty and piquant flavor dope, and I was swimming in ecstasy.(maybe it was because I was severely dehydrated?! ) It came with these kickin' Nawlin Rings that had a little fire and spice. Some greens were included as well, and they elicited my latent love of raw organosulfides. omg, they were marinated collards, one bite and I knew they must be recreated! It all came with tomatoes, unfortunately. I can have all of the food practices in the world, but when it comes to tomatoes, their restriction is not of my volition. I'm rather intolerant to those ambiguous vegetable-fruits. Sundried tomatoes are the shot of crack in most raw food dishes, they add that savory and zesty, pungent and rich flavor profile. But, there is an expanse of produce out there, why not discover and variegate the components? That trip to NYC was just the jolt I needed, and I've never been as passionate about raw foods as I am now! Here are some of my latest experiments :D
I've been crazyyyy about the local foods movement lately. I was hanging out alot with a mate who is such an adamant advocate of the practice. I've been berry picking galore! The best advice I can give to you is to bring someone along who doesn't like the berries that you are foraging for. You exponentially increase your product and there is no fear of lose ;-)

Avocados, local blueberries, local garlic, local collards, local cucumber, local onions, and some carrots from afar!
Oh my darling! The ways I could grovel and beseech your forgiveness. Neglectful as ever, you continue to survive, like an abandoned neopet (your inner child recognizes this analogy). The estival festival is here to commence, and I know why the free bird sings regardless of the season present. Most beautiful, one cannot recognize the resplendence of nature until she observes it patiently with all the acknowledgement and receptiveness in the world. From the dendrites carving the sky, a stark contrast of wood and cloud, to the petals as soft and red as the lips tender from the kiss of a broken fig. Cascading leaves, gently falling as the zephyr undulates the verdant flora invisibly. Such vistas are all within one's peripheral vision, please observe and catch those scintillas, those sparks of life out of the corner of your eye! From the aurora to the gloam! Crepuscular twilight evening dripping in the floating bioluminescence of fireflies in the garden. What a whimsical land, wherever one may be. All you have to do is look. Just look and see.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Raw Foodism- the natural progression. Before I continue onward, I must lament about the state of my alligator pear. If I only had the ability to control ethylene gas, is there nothing more climactic than an unripened vegetable or fruit?! This specific desire pertains to avocados especially. They were on sale at the glorious edenic health food store that I patronize for 99 cents. Say what?! I have noticed that the avocados at the co-op are always on sale, which is interesting because I could have sworn I read that 2009 was a bad year for avocados to be born! I won't question it though, I am perfectly capable of reveling in ignorant bliss when it comes to the affordability of organic food. Not. Food Politics is burning its paper gaze into my soul, I must be inquisitive and will certainly dig a dug in order to appease my curiousity. But for now, there are avocados to be worshipped. Oh avocados, my opaque emeralds, plumpened knobby shells with interiors smothered in rich, velvety lipids. To scrape you with a knife would inflict such lethal damage, but the lure of the carvings shaved off your verdant cream is too enticing. I WILL YOU TO RIPEN, I WILL YOU.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

UGHHH. sickened thirst sickened thirst! I am continuing my raw-ish streak. will do well to pass by nuts from now on and glare at them with disdain.( those pricks aren't even raw, they're steamed to get out of the shell, I couldn't resist though, brazil nuts tickle my sternum) They make me queasy, but I might have had a MEGAsupercabra overload of fat in the previous episode of uncontrollable and ravenous hunger. I had such an intense craving for fat; I had only consumed the fruit portion today and I wanted nothing more than to sink my teeth into those creamy avocados. If only you were ripe, I would have avoided all of this. I will you to ripen, I WILL YOU. If only I had the power to manipulate ethelyne gas. I was on a high, feeling groovy except for the gnawing hunger. The nuts did not satiate :@ Would rather take the empty, bottomless stomach than this...napping off... had but 4 winks of sleep (1 wink = 1 hour) due to anatomy dedication (the class, not with a person :P) I much prefer the no nuts approach to raw foodism, why didn't I pick you hemp seeds, why weren't you organiccccc?!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Today was extremely difficult for me. It loomed over me for the past days, this impending act of violating my ethics. Today was dissection day. Despite being archaic and degenerative, dissection of animals is no longer necessary with the amount of alternative learning opportunities available now. It was horrid.the scent of formaldehyde pierced and pervaded my clothing with that unmistakable reek of death. Why is everyone so desensitized to animal exploitation in this era? No one was able to parallel my repulsion and morbid sorrow, people were able to crack jokes and give out only the speciest pity that has been ingrained in them. "oh, poor cat" yeah, you think the cat willingly donated his body so that college students could mangle his wretched corpse and disturb his soul? There is no one to mourn for these cats, no one was as visibly upset as I, and I believe that nearly everyone will leave the lab and not think twice about their direct participation in this inhumanity. Oh I seek repentance and absolution from bearing witness to these crimes. And yet I am the one who feels guilty for leaving my lab partner alone to slice for herself. Why am I the only one who seems concerned about the treatment and usage of animals?! I also feel guilty about the fact that what am I even doing to prevent this from happening further? Shouldn't I protest, send out mass emails educating people on dissections, speak to the head of the school about alternatives? I am the lone ranger, so solo in my sentiments, perhaps it is that very fear that prevents me from obtaining justice and solace for my furry friends. I feel weak for crying, for unveiling my heart, just as the skin was ripped away from those limp, soggy cats. Why should I be the only one affected to this extent? I cannot swallow my emotions or my tears, in fact it shows that I at least maintain my compassion . My professor took pity at my welling eyes and blatant disapproval. She allowed me to escape, for now. And I meandered back to the dorm choking back my lubricated distress and entombed myself in the closet. The engulfing shadows consumed me with an almost lullabiotic tranquility. Lain raw against the floor, carpeted friction beneath my exposed flesh. I lamented about the cruelty of the world, one which has been destroyed by omnivores, and must be mitigated by vegans. The taste on my tongue is of disdain, the acidic contents of my stomach are slowing creeping up. I am overwhelmed and abused with the torment of suffering. I must crusade. People think that we don't understand animals, but how are their cries, pleas, and vocal displays of their emotions be misinterpreted as insignificant. We understand them, when they are in pain, upset, angry, happy, calm. Why do we ignore them and further separate ourselves, why do we try so hard to avoid any sort of primal comparison? They are sentient beings, and we have become megalomaniac speciests who are such blatant denial about our fellow animals. We don't even consider ourselves animals and yet that is what we are, we are no different from them? They are so intelligent, and yet we abuse them and exploit them out of fear. Fear that they are so similar to us that we feel threatened and must keep things in divided order. I am in weak spirits lately, if this school excels at one thing, it is the ability to violate my ethical code. I am numb, and wet, and the bending branch of the willow tree-weeping in sorrow and in mournment. I am the remnants of the ice blizzard, crystals disappearing and melting. I never allow anyone to see me cry, I always try to repress it, no matter how detrimental that is to my external and internal stability. so very raw, the human condition exposed. Why does everyone make an excuse for it? why does everyone accept it and not question it ? I noticed an astounding amount of indifference, nonchalance, complacency. where do the wild cats go when they have no home to graze? Lifted and uprooted from a possible saving grace? balanced in limbo and punished for no wrong, the others will forget you, but in my heart you will remain strong. I just want to be consoled, boldly go where no one goes, seek forgiveness and fill my empty heart with some love,

so flavorless, greasy lumps of vapid coal slid down my esophagus.
you don't need to be a veg*an to oppose dissection, just a regular person with basic emotions.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

raw raw rawwwks

Foiled by my internal clock. Today is a Saturday, not a Monday, not a Wednesday and not a godforsaken Thursday. On the weekend, it is an obligation(I`ve got a personal contract with Helios!) for the sun rays to cascade upon me and drag me into the depths of consciousness and reality; not an artificial alarm with some nagging, polyphonic beats that train me like one of Pavlov`s dogs. On such a day as this day, where I am permitted to continue my REM cycles completely uninterrupted, I always banzai attack with self sabotage and get a glimpse of the world, only the outer external membranes of my eyelids know. Of course, I am nearly certain about the beet root cause of this. Ces`t moi! It is actually a very natural form of self-awakening, your bladder being the operative alarm. Every night before I slip into my womb like pallet, I ingest nearly two cups of water. I`ve read about native american tribes using this to control their sleeping patterns; the excess water and unconscious body make a perfect alarm clock!nearly)Raw Food Diet Day ONE(officially, maybe).

I've been doing Charleston with raw foods the past couple of weeks, only recently integrating massive quantities of foods in their raw form ( I really need to readjust my preference in favor of raw vegetables(I can devour cooked ones like it's my day job(but if gastronomy is your profession, does that statement not hold much weight?!) Okay, maybe only massive in comparison to my previous raw intakes. I'd say it will be about 85-90% raw,allowing room for about 200kcals to come from enzymatically destroyed products ;-) I have a difficult time getting enough calories, even with the inclusion of cooked meals, nevermind raw ones! I'd reckon my normal caloric intake is around 1350kcal a day(yes, I should know better!), but for the past few months I've really only been eating one cooked meal and everything else raw. I do take Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer. ( supplementation is not evidence that the vegan diet is inferior to the Standard American diet, even omnivores are at risk for certain nutritive deficiencies) word? word. The Vega accounts for half of those nonraw calories (although the product is about 30% raw) and the other may come in the form of some toasted sesame oil I need to finish up ;D. Can we start salivating at the thought of zucchini linguine with carrots, daikons, bok choy, spinach, scallions, and kale all tossed in that oil along with some coconut aminos?!?!?! please, control me. Anyway, today was my lazy Sunday, I spent most of the morning frolicking and skip dancing around in my room to the Mars Volta while nibbling on some fruits and nuts, then consensually conceding to the kracken's loom and started studying for anatomy and doing Spanish homework.
Probably had about 3/4c of nuts today :$ Someone seriously needs to keep them away from me!
They were a mix of macadamias(omg, they're so rich, they are probably like one of Zeus's gallstones), Brazil nuts, and cashews. All raw!
Then I had a banana, apple, satsumas, navel orange, and soon to be kiwi and mango...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to make yourself ill

My schedule. subjective envy may not apply

Chemical Metabolism Biochemistry 9-9.50
ServSafe food- 10-12.20
Anatomy lab- 2-4
Anatomy review 4-5
work 5-8
no time for gym D:

Anatomy and Physiology 8-9.20
Spanish 9.30-10.50
Food, Nutrition, and Culture-11-12.20
Food Science-12.30-1.50
Spanish recitation 4-4.50
gym 8.15~9.45

Chemical Met.-9-9.50
gym 7.30~9

Food Science lab 2-4
Anatomy review 4.30-5.30
gym 8.15~9.45

Chem. Met 9-9.50
CM review 10-11
work 1-3